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Fiber Optic Sensors

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Fiber Optic Sensors

Loptek manufactures special fiber optic strain and temperature sensors based on fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) as well as individual sensor arrangements upon customer request. The fs-written FBGs of our affiliate company FemtoFiberTec GmbH form the basis for the fiber optic sensors. FemtoFiberTec is the first commercial provider worldwide for femtosecond-written FBGs which are manufactured with an infrared fs-laser. This technology makes it possible to write FBGs and light guides in virtually any kind of optically transparent material and through a variety of fiber coatings such as acrylate, polyamides or carbon. In contrast to conventionally produced FGBs, the fs writing technology does not require Germanium doping in the optical fiber. The fs-written FBGs are type II gratings and can be used in harsh environments for temperature and strain measurements up to 1,000 °C. In addition, the sensors based on pure core fiber are insensitive to radioactive radiation.

Temperature and strain sensors

  • Temperature sensor Acrylat-coated up to 80°C
  • Temperature sensor Carbon-coated up to 300°C
  • Temperature sensor PI-coated up to 300°C
  • Temperature sensor Gold-coated up to 600°C (R&D project)
  • Temperature sensor Pure Silica up to 1.000°C (R&D project)

Individual sensors and Sensor systems

Individual assembly with Single Mode connection
Additionally to it's Multi Mode Assembly, Loptek is offering Single Mode Assembly with FC/APC and LC/APC connection. Especially for sensing and data transmission applications, Single Mode Fibers provide various advantages based on their good transmission characteristics and  low attenuation. For general connection applications, Loptek is offering APC polished Single Mode connections like FC/APC and LC/APC type for extremely low transmission loss.